WinutRx has led the effort to prevent you and your loved ones the inconvenience of a chronic illness. We are placing you at the forefront of your own wellness and encourage you to live your best life.


The inspiration behind Winutrx

Our true inspiration comes from Sueanne Coon or better known as "grams", Amanda's grandmother. She is the true definition of "the worst things happen to the best people, because they are the strongest of all and able to handle it most". Grams grew up as an orphan after both of her parents passed away unexpectedly from aneurysms. Her petite self grew up 4'9” because her scoliosis was so bad doctors compared her spine to looking as if she got hit by a semi then attacked by a baseball bat. Amanda and her mother were in the hospital so much that they would have competitions to see who could walk to her hospital room the fastest with their eyes closed. After undergoing multiple cancers, it only made grams strong enough to battle her cardiovascular disease. Having an aortic valve replacement triple bypass, and congestive heart failure, grams still holds the award for the best meatballs in town. Due to her strong desire to fill her grandkid's bellies, she has always been concerned with food. She is on 8 different medications in which implement diet restrictions. She always called Amanda and her mom to see if she was allowed to eat certain things or cook with a specific ingredient and how much of that amount. One day in the Spring of 2018, she called Amanda while she was doing work at Cafe Sasso to tell her "wow can you believe that I can't have oranges how strange is that"....Welcome to WINutRx.

“Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat your medicines as your food.”
— Steve Jobs

Our past with chronic illness and Nutrition

Amanda - CEO

Although I have not been directly affected with a chronic illness, I have still been significantly impacted by nutrition. Ever since 2nd grade I was having significant migraines where they either placed me on a new medication or implemented a new diet. Along the road came many antibiotics, new medications, and many surgeries, salmonella poisoning, etc. Being an athlete that never enjoyed losing, I have encountered multiple concussions which spiked my interest even more in neuroscience. What I have learned throughout my chronic illness and injury journey is the impact nutrition plays on improving lifestyle. 

David - COO

Nutrition is an essential part of our daily lives that people tend to take for granted. I myself have been one of those people, thinking that I could get away with unhealthy eating by simply exercising or substituting nutrients with supplements. Over time, I have learned the life-changing impacts that nutrition can have on an individual, whether or not you have a chronic illness. Implementing healthy habits into my daily lifestyle has significantly improved my quality of life, and I want the same for everybody else who uses WinutRx!