May 28, 2020

What is an ADE?

Adverse Drug Events, or the potentially lethal consequences of medication misuse – these happen for a number of reasons; i.e. not taking your medication as prescribed, being unaware of foods and other over-the-counter products to avoid; miscommunication; and simply not communicating with your doctor and/or pharmacist anything you’ve changed with your diet, medications, lifestyle, etc. Adverse drug events, in most cases, are preventable and could be extremely dangerous if not handled appropriately. When picking up your prescriptions from the pharmacy, whether it’s new or a refill, always address any concerns you may have, or ask any questions you’ve come up with since you were last in the pharmacy. Chances are, if you’re thinking about it, or simply have a bad feeling in your stomach about your medications, something needs to be changed and having that conversation with your local pharmacist is the perfect place to start.

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Managing Meds 101

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