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Customer Benefits

What are the benefits?

Trusted by pros & patients
Built for patients
Simple information breakdowns and user friendly navigation.
Prevent Food & Drug Interactions
Prevent your medications from interacting with your diet or over the counter meds.
Keep track of your nutrional intake
No more inputting everything you eat, simply scan and go with the ease of mind that food will not cause an ADE.
Risk Pool Population Reduction
Track Multiple User Profiles
Working with multiple patients whether in the same location or not, use WinutRx to track med interactions.
Ensure Safe Drug Administration
Help safe drug administration and adherence with WinutRx
Peace of Mind
Trusted by Patients & Professionals to help decrease possible Food & Drug Interaction.
Higher Adherence Rates
WinutRx encourages patient to adhere to their medications & provider guidelines changing behavior on a user level.
Keep Beds & Provider Time Free
Now more than ever it's apparent provider time and bed space is key, especially in a small health system.
Reduced Cost of an ADE
Prevent patient readmissions saving the hospital system money & reduces the cost of cardiac care related expenses
Risk Pool Population Reduction
Risk Pool Population Reduction
Reduce Risk Pool Populations with patient education included in WinutRx.
Actionable Data
Actionable Data
WinutRx provides actionable data to assist in reduction of employee absenteeism.
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Resale Value
WinutRx adds value to your services.
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Food & Drug

Don't let your diet stop your meds from working properly.

Drug Reaction

Stay informed, over the counter drugs can react with a variety of mediations.


Over 50 cardiovascular medications covered.


Our Interaction warnings comes directly from drug manufacturers & healthcare professionals and are updated in-sync with pharmaceutical companies
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